Glocal Global School* in Tokyo Tech

Welcom to Glocal Global School* (Program)in Tokyo Tech
*It is program name, not the name of institution.
Glocal Global Shool Program has been started Since March 2019.
It is an original program contist of various activities and group work with cooporation among young researchers from various special fields. Throgh intensive camp style program participants can nurish friendships .
These school invite special lectures who publish their inovative works from Japan to the world.

Sutudents of a university with tuition waiver treaty can apply.
See [FAQ regular program] [FAQ for online camp]

Update June, 2022

Announcementcomming soon

Glocal Summer School 2022 (September)

History of Glocal Global School

Spring School 2022
Summer School 2021
Spring School 2021
Summer School 2020
Spring School 2020
Summer School 2019
Spring School 2019

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