Glocal Global School*in Tokyo Tech

Welcom to Glocal Global School*(Program)in Tokyo Tech
*It is program name, not the name of institution.
Glocal Global Shool Program has been started Since March 2019.
It is an original program contist of various activities and group work with cooporation among young researchers from various special fields. Throgh intensive camp style program participants can nurish friendships .
These school invite special lectures who publish their inovative works from Japan to the world.

Sutudents of a university with tuition waiver treaty can apply.
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Annoucement (up comming)

Glocal Spring School 2021 (goto general information)

Theme: "Preservation and Utilization of Water."

7 Online (Zoom) Sessions over 4 days.

Date: From 24th February to 3rd March, 2021

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update Jan 21, 2021

Finished Latest Program

Report of Glocal Summer School 2020  [Japanese] [English] (Go ToTokyo Tech Web News)
Annoucement :Glocal Summer School 2020-Online Camp
September 15 to 17, 2020
Under COVID19 situation, Online Camp (Zoom base) for Graduates
Theme: Design for Humanity - Embody Life Memory -
In the world, many lives lost at natural disaster. Time runs while the life-and-death is unknown.
Beloved homes and home countries disappear in a moment.
COVID-19 deprives us of the last moment saying good-byeto the family.
This program discusses to embody memories of dearest person lost memory; making instruments, applying technology,
craft men works and planning social-system.

Students from doctoral and master’s programs make mixed team for discussion, group works, image modeling and presentation
through online.

This program is a training for students in different diciplines engaging international research collaboration.
**It is not for spiritual experience, healing, self-awareness seminar.

Special Lecture (presentation order)See detail-Lecture Page
Lecture:"Speculative Design", SPUTNIKO!  Artist /Tokyo University of the Arts, Department ofDesign, Associate Professor
Dialog: Ground Zero VR Video Project. Computation Technology Research  Club, HiroshimaPrefectural Fukuyama Technical High School, [official site](outside Tokyo Tech)
Lecture:"Animal and Human have same life, indispensable family", Usa;  Pricture-book witer,Playwriter-director
Guest and Referee: Professor Jun-ichi, IMURA (Vice President for Teaching and Learning, TokyoTech)
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History of Glocal Global School

Summer School 2020
Spring School 2020
Summer School 2019
Spring School 2019

Report : Glocal Spring School 2019 (Japanese page) (Go ToTokyo Tech Web News)
Report : Glocal Spring School 20 19 (English page)(Go ToTokyo Tech Web News)
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